Dr Farah Naz delivers lecture at 'Naqoosh-e-Seerah ﷺ' Conference

Dr Farah Naz delivers lecture at Naqoosh-e-Seerah Conference

President MWL Pakistan Dr. Farah Naz delivered an exclusive lecture in the closing ceremony of "Naqoosh-e-Seerah ﷺ" series. This series was arranged by the Training Department of Minhaj College for Women to celebrate the first ten days of Rabi-ul-Awwal as "Ashra e Rahmatun-lil-Alameen".

In her address, Dr. Farah Naz talked about some of the features from the seerah of Holy Prophet Muhammadﷺ to educate today's woman. She stressed upon the participants to adopt the attributes of patience as it is the most powerful weapon in women's life. She said that we should attain patience by becoming regular in Namaz.

Dr. Samar Fatima (Principal MCW Lahore) and Ms. Jaweria Hassan (Director training department MCW Lahore) also attended the closing ceremony.