Dr Qadri denies to negotiate with Taliban (Exclusive interview with Mubasher Lucman on ARY News)


The interview of Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri with Mubashir Luqman on ARY News on 23rd January 2014

  • The state should break the clout of the terrorists first and then enter into talks with them and accommodate their just demands
  • First the state should shatter the power of the rebels and then talk to them from a position of strength
  • In Pakistan there are some Taliban apologists. What comment do they pass on the bloodshed of the innocents? On bloodletting, they keep mum!
  • The army top brass should take decision whether it wants to let terrorists multiply rapidly or check them firmly
  • Some politicians do not denounce terrorists on the TV tacitly. How they support their ideology in seminaries can be well guessed!
  • The killing of one person – no matter if the victim is Muslim or non-Muslim – is like slaying the whole human race
  • The Prophet said: After me, don’t turn into disbelievers by murdering each other
  • On my return from abroad, I’ll topple the government plus its corrupt system. Only revolution will relieve the nation of its stresses and strains
  • Those who counter a military operation against terrorists are quick to decry the innocent victims. But why do they fail to see the killers of Hazara community every year?



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