MSM-S takes its message to AJ&K

A continuous effort of MSM sisters to establish the Mustafavi setup in educational institutions has reached to "Azad Kashmir" from May 8th to the 11th May, 2016.

Once again MSM sisters succeeded to establish their existence in AJK. Secretary General MSM-S Ms. Aneeta Ilyas planned the visit in collaboration with general secretary of Kashmir zone Mrs. Kalsoom Qamar. Secretary General MSM-S visited different schools and universities mentioned below:

  1. Al Mustafa School
  2. Al Nauman School
  3. Women university of AJK, Bagh
  4. University of poonch, Rawalakot
  5. Minhaj model high school, tarar Khel
  6. University of management sciences and information technology, kotli
  7. Royal palace hostel, UPR
  8. Hostel of Women university of AJK, Bagh.

In her institutional visits she formed effective bodies in every institution and also briefly introduced "peace curriculum" and "Zarb-E-Amn" campaign and started "Durood circles" in all institutes.

Ms. Aneela Ilyas gave them effective guidelines to start their "study circles" in all institutions. Students welcomed MSM-S representative very honorably and whole- heartedly. They all showed great interest in Zerb-E-Amn campaign.

Ms Aneeta Ilyas also apprised them about their educational rights enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan. She also threw light on the national budget and percentage of budget for education and told about the campaign of increasing the budget to 4% GDP for education. She took oath from all institutional bodies to support MSM-S in this campaign.

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