EAGERS Itikaf 2018: Day 1

Alhamdulillah the first day of the Itikaf of our little angels went smoothly as they went about their schedule for the day, enjoying a day of learning and fun-filled activities. The day began as the kids gathered in their room for their first class. With fresh minds they attended Fiqh class conducted by Sister Fakhra Batool. The topic for this class was “Taharat: Batni-o-Zahiri”, or more simply, “Purity: Internal and External”.

Under this, the kids were enlightened regarding Wudhu and its virtues and its proper method, a basic yet necessary matter, often disregarded and not given its due importance. This was further linked to the purity of heart as the discussion progressed.

After a short break the kids returned for their Ikhlaqiat class, in which morals of a good human were the main topic of discussion. Sister Qulsoom Qamar held an interactive session in which kids participated with full enthusiasm.

The Zuhar break was followed by a fun activity for the kids, which not only helped their minds unwind after the classes but also tested their IQ. The kids rested after Asr Namaz, for which they performed wudhu as they had learned in the day. Thereafter was a bright event as all the new friends shared the blessed meal and chatted over drinks, marking the end of their first Fast at EAGERS ITIKAF 2018!

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