Minhaj Education Society & University of Agriculture Faisalabad jointly hold workshop on Phonetics & Pronunciation

  • Title of the event: A Five-Day English Workshop on "Phonetics & Pronunciation"
  • Date and Duration: May 23-27, 2011. One and half hours duration, Program: Inaugural Session (May 23, 2011)
  • Venue: New Senate Hall, University of Agriculture Faisalabad.
  • Number of Participants: More than two hundred.

Minhaj Education Society and the Department of Social Sciences & Humanities University of Agriculture Faisalabad jointly arranged a Five-Day Workshop on: "Phonetics & pronunciation", from May 23-27, 2011; in New Senate Hall, UAF.

This workshop was organized to mark the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of University of Agriculture Faisalabad. Its inaugural session was presided over by the acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq. The Dean Faculty of Sciences Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf and the Chairman SS&H, Naveed Irshad were the hosts. The organizer, Miss Rehana Qureshi, Lecturer SS&H Department was the stage secretary. This program was organized by the Department of Social Sciences & Humanities, UAF in collaboration with Minhaj Education Society Faisalabad. Mrs. Noshaba Zia, the Co-Coordinator Minhaj Education Society FSD was the guest of 'honor. Mrs. Nazai Anjum from Minhaj Education Society was the guest trainer.

For this workshop, one hundred students were selected from second semester, Faculty of Agriculture whereas one hundred students were from Minhaj Education Society Faisalabad. About 230 students had been enrolled for participation in the workshop. So above two hundred students were seated on daily basis.

The inaugural session started with the name of Allah. Miss Sabira from MES and Miss Hira from 2nd semester, Agri. Faculty, recited and translated the verses from the Holy Quran. After the recitation, a melodious Naat was recited by Robina Khaki from MES. Then bouquets were presented to the Chief Guest, Dean Sciences and Guest of Honor by the Chairman of SS&H Department and Shahida Yousaf, Lecture SS&H Department.

The stage secretary, Miss Rehana Qureshi then briefly introduced the topic and the aim of the workshop. Afterwards she requested the Dean Sciences as a host to deliver his welcome address. In his address, the respectable Dean not only welcomed the audience but also threw light on the need of such fruitful workshops. He appreciated this effort by the Department of SS&H. He also admitted the educational achievements of Minhaj Education Society. He felt satisfied over this collaboration. Later on, the guest of honor presented her views. She declared:

"We feel that it is a matter of great honor for us to collaborate with SS&H Department in Golden Jubilee Program. Like SS&H Department, it is our mission to spread knowledge especially to comprehend English. So we'll be ready whenever this Alma-mater will call us."

After her address, the guest of honor invited the guest trainer to deliver her lecture. Mrs. Nazia Anjum summarized her five-day plan with the help of multimedia. There was a pindrop silence in the Hall when she demonstrated the video clips to the students. At the end she also felt proud to train the students of Agriculture University. She also repeated the mission of MES and promised to help the students of UAF.

Miss Rehana Qureshi then invited the Chief Guest, the acting Vice Chancellor to express his valuable views on the occasion. The Chief Guest appreciated the effort made by the SS&H Department. According to him this workshop is the need of the day. He also appreciated the endeavors of Minhaj Education Society. He paid tribute to the organizers of MES. He addressed the students with humorous examples by uttering different sounds. The students were very happy during his amazing, frank and thought provoking address.

After the address of the chief guest, the gift distribution was held. The Nazim of MES, Mr. Rafiq Najum presented the gifts in the form of books from MES to the worthy Vice Chancellor, all the Deans, the Chairman of SS&H Deptt, the stage secretary, the Chairperson Zoology and Mrs. Naureen Rana.

The second day of the workshop

May 24, 2011 was the second day of the workshop. First, the trainer repeated the previous lesson: "Basic Sounds" then she emphasized' on Phonetics Symbols. She got recognized the phonetic symbols to the students and then helped them memorize the sounds by uttering them repeatedly.

The third day of the workshop

On May 25 the trainer started her lecture by repeating the previous lesson. The new lecture was on: "Short Forms" and "Common Mistakes".

The fourth day of the workshop

After revision, the new lesson was on: "Important Combination" and "Silent Letters". The students gained a lot from the lecture, practice, movies and teacher's involvement.

The Concluding Session

The concluding session of the workshop was held on May 27. The class started exactly at 1:30 pm. Firstly, the revision of previous lesson took place. Secondly, the final lesson was taught and practiced. The Dean of Sciences, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf, presided over the concluding session because the worthy Vice Chancellor was busy with a foreign delegation. In this session, the Dean Agriculture, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq and the' Co-coordinator of MES, Mrs. Noshaba Zai were the guests of honor.

Miss Sabira from MES recited the verses from the holy Quran. Again the Naat was recited in the melodious voice of Robina Khaki from MES. Then the Guest Trainer, Mrs. Nazia Anjum concluded the Five-Day plan

Then different students came to the stage one by one and expressed their views about the workshop. They were greatly thankful to the organizers for such an outstanding activity. They regarded the workshop as really beneficial, professional and informative.

Subsequently, Miss Rwhana Qureshi requested the Chief Guest, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf to distribute certificates among the students. Prof. Dr. Ashfaq and Naveed Irshad also accompanied the Chief Guest.

Shields were presented to the worthy Vice Chancellor, the Dean of Sciences, the Dean of Agriculture, the Guest of Honuor, the guest trainer, the Chairman SS&H Deptt. and the organizer by the Nazim of MES, Rafiq Najam.