AL-HIDAYAH: A Project by Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League

AL-HIDAYAH - Project of Minhaj ul Quran Women League

There are two realities on the face of earth: Allah Almighty, The Creator and His creation. Starting from Prophets, everything else is a creation. There is no other thing which is outside of this cycle except one thing, which is neither the creator nor the creation i.e. The Holy Quran, which is the Word of Allah that was revealed to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) for guidance of His creation. Being the Word of Creator, it cannot be separated from Him. Thus assimilating the Holy Book is to be immersed in the vastness of the Divine Being of our Lord. Gnosis of the Holy Quran is to achieve gnosis of Allah Almighty. To internalize its message and teachings we need to have Allah reside in our hearts. Love of the Holy Quran is actually love of Allah and a relationship with it is to forge a relationship with Him. Getting estranged from the Holy Quran is eventually leads to estrangement from Allah Almighty. No doubt, estrangement from one’s Lord makes one go astray from the right path. It is a great blessing and favor of Allah Almighty that He made us aware of this Divine Attribute through His Beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).It is dire need of an hour that we must not only enrich our lives with His Divine gift and strengthen our bond with Him our Creator but also make a sincere effort to make this part of our culture & clipping it with generations

Guided by sublime commitment, faculty Minhaj ul Quran Women League (MWL) undertook the marvelous task to serve the masses by decentralizing and transferring this incredible knowledge and understanding of The Quran to masses & grass root level from its translation provided with highest standard of scholarship it deserves.

Al-HIDAYAH is aimed at reviving the people’s relationship with the Holy Book through recitation and inculcating in them the urge to establish a bond of meditation and deep thinking on the message and teachings of the Holy Quran. This project is initiated to facilitate people help in making these teachings part and parcel of their lives in such a manner that not only are their own lives, their conduct and day-to-day matters illumined with its light but they also become the source of enlightenment for society and for those around them.

Slogan: Let’s explore the understanding of Quran

Vision: Reflecting on Quran with complete dedication

Mission: To engage community in true understanding of Quran

Umbrella Goal: Secure faith, Create sincere devotion and providing people with generous service.


Intellectual & scholarly front: Reformation of materialistic & flawed beliefs through the teachings of the Holy Quran.

Practical Front: To promote the teachings of Holy QURAN as culture in the society and to recognize the importance and relevance of the people who have command on the Quranic sciences.

Emotional front: To promote scientific & Practical presentation of teachings of the Holy Quran with a view to addressing the reservations and questions of the modern-day youth.

Salient features:

  • Distinctive Curriculum (AL-HIDAYAH is aimed to spread the understanding of The Qur’an through most easy and most effective way of learning with scientific , modern and practical demonstration)
  • Focused & targeted network
  • Professional, skillful & multi-dimensional Quran Scholars
  • Different activities, programs and institutes that provides the opportunities for the masses to be able to explore the meaning & secrets of Quran by themselves.

Team consist of:

  • Research Developers
  • Graphic Specialists
  • Web designers
  • Preachers & Promoters
  • Creative writers
  • Trainers
  • Teachers & Coaches
  • Tutors & Teachers

To discover the Will of God, Learn Quran before anything else.


Unfortunately, the dilemma of the time is that most of the audience of the Quran faces the language barrier and it has become difficult in fact Al-Hidayah provides an admirably spectacular platform to diminish all the possible dilemmas of language barrier which the audience of the Glorious Qur’an confronts while they switch in to learn The Qur’an. Thus it becomes nearly impossible for them to absorb even a single word of The Qur’an.

AL-HIDAYAH - Project of Minhaj ul Quran Women League