Marriage ceremony of ten flood affected couples under MWF Muzaffargarh

Minhaj Welfare Foundation (Muzaffargarh chapter) organized a mass marriage ceremony of ten couples affected by the floods on July 22, 2011. Senior Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Zahid Fayyaz was the guest of honour, while Allama Ahmad Nawaz Anjum presided over the ceremony. Other distinguished local notables and social personalities also attended the ceremony.

All of the couples belonged to the flood hit areas of Jatoi, Chowk Quraish and Kot Addu. The marriage processions were received warmly on their arrival. All brides and bride grooms were gifted watches and jewelry sets in addition to bridal gifts which included double bed plus mattress, cutlery set, dinner set, a table with four chairs, Almirah, kitchen items, washing machine and other necessities.

The local religious scholars solemnized the Nikah separately and all couples were seen off with prayers.