Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri's exclusive interview with Mubasher Lucman on ARY News in Khara Sach

The main points of the interview of Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri with Mubasher Lucman on ARY News on 25 Feb 2014

  1. Haji Abdul Razzaq was a considerate person
  2. Haji Abdul Razzaq contributed to media transparency
  3. Pakistan is the country most affected by terrorism in the world
  4. During the democratic era, some 49000 people lost their lives at the hands of terrorists
  5. The talks are proceeding without any time frame, so we don't know when the govt intends to conclude the negotiations
  6. The era of military dictatorship saw 523 incidents of terror, while 13,198 incidents of terror occurred in the democratic era
  7. The politicians in the corridors of power don't dare to eliminate terrorists because they have backdoor contacts with them
  8. Whenever the PML-N comes to power, it targets the national economy in the name of privatization
  9. When in power, the PML-N demoralizes the army because it wins elections with the support of terrorists
  10. The army is the protector of the nation, but the government always tries to disgrace its personnel
  11. I gave the nation the slogan “save the state, not the politics”. Soon the slogan will reverberate with immense power
  12. The PML-N was brought to power to damage the territorial integrity of the nation and put the nuclear capability up for sale
  13. On account of terrorism, Pakistan has lost $78 billion during the last ten years
  14. An example of non-seriousness on the part of the govt: the Commerce Minister of Pakistan gave a briefing on the national security
  15. Soon I’ll give a call for a peaceful revolution. Then the nation should take to the streets to snatch their rights