PAT rejects federal budget, terms it jumble of words

Commenting on the national budget for fiscal year 2014-15, Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Secretary General Khurram Nawaz Gandapur has described the budget as gimmickry and hodge-podge of facts and figures. He said that there is no way that this budget could be described as people-friendly. He said that those who came into power through fake and rigged elections have betrayed the nation once again. He said that common man will be affected by taxation imposed on retailers in the new budget, which would add to price hike. He said that the government has exploited thousands of old-aged workers by not raising their pensions who get their pension through EOBI. He said that ratio of taxes has been increased instead of broadening the tax net.

PAT leader said that 10% increase in the basic salaries of the government employees is insufficient. He said that the salaried classes and the people at large have been pushed even more into abyss of price hike. He said that the government has neither announced any subsidy for people in terms of utility bills nor has it spelled out any coordinated plan of action to address the problem of unemployment. He said that no mechanism has been announced to bridge the budget deficit. He further said that the new budget has also failed to offer any plan to stem power, gas theft and tax evasion. He said that no policy has been announced either to decrease dependence on foreign loans, adding that there is little relief for the small traders in the budget.