Women at forefront of countrywide movement for revolution: Razia Naveed

Mrs. Razia Naveed, central President of PAT Women Wing, has said that Pakistan was not created for a few privileged families. She said that feudal lords, industrialists, and incompetent politicians have been playing with the future of the nation for past 67 years, adding that PAT revolution march, sit-in, mammoth public meetings, and public awareness campaign have taken on the character of a countrywide movement for revolution. She said that the millions of the poor including women would break rulers’ arrogance. She said that Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri did not have any expectation from looters, robbers and feudal lords; rather tears and sobbing of the poor and downtrodden sections of society are his strength. She said that his message of revolution will have to be heeded, as doing so would end our predicaments.

PAT Women Wing President expressed these views while talking to women delegations of Islamabad and Rawalpindi in the central secretariat. Ayesha Shabbir, Sidra Kramat, Nabeela Zaheer, and Huma Wahid were also present on the occasion. She said that Dr Qadri’s message of peace is for Pakistan and Islam and acting upon this message will lead to establishment of durable peace in the country. She said that Pakistan is a country where there is a more women representation in legislatures than is the case in many developed countries, adding that this country elected a woman as Prime Minister twice.

Mrs. Razia Naveed said that it is regrettable that Pakistan has been described as the worst country for women in a report of World Economic Forum. She said that 142 countries of the world have been ranked on the Index of Sexual Equality where Pakistan stands at 141st position. She said that the Interior Minister told Pakistan’s Parliament on October 23 that 15000 cases of rapes were registered last year and out of this staggering number, only one thousand were convicted, which is unfortunate. She said that it was a matter of immense shame for the Punjab Chief Minister that out of 15000 rape cases, 13000 were reported from Punjab. She said that Gullu Butt is merely one character of Model Town tragedy, adding that the real question is when those who ordered firing on innocent people will be arrested and punished for their crime.

PAT Women Wing President said that those making a noise about women rights and emancipation should know that Islam conferred rights on women 1400 years ago. She said that a woman was elected as a Member of Parliament back at that time while the West gave her right to vote only in 1929. She said that anti-women customs are prevalent in society because we have deviated from real teachings of our great faith. She said that real enemy of women rights is the corrupt and obsolete system, which has kept her deprived of rights. She said that Islam has given a status of respect and prestige in every relation so that she could play her role as agent of constructive change. She urged the women to play their role in the national life within the confines of Islam.