Apologetic attitude of Interior Minister is disappointing: PAT

While reacting to the press conference of the Interior Minister, PAT President Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi has said that the Minister confessed to the nation that 60 defunct organizations are working under changed names. He asked the government to reveal the names of these organizations, and details of their donors and patrons. He said that it is astonishing that the Interior Minister failed to take any action against the banned outfits despite passage of one and half years, adding that now he is beseeching them to stop their terrorist activities, otherwise their cases would be referred to the military courts. He said that apologetic attitude of the Interior Minister is disappointing to say the least. He said that it appears that the government does not have clarity of mind and focus so far as action plan against terrorism is concerned. He said that the press conference of the Minister particularly targeted non-N league governments, adding that it is time to forge national unity but the government is preferring politics to national interest.