MYL UK from Nelson hosted an evening with Fazeelat As-Shaykh Muhammad Saeed As-Sagharji

Muslim Youth League UK from Nelson hosted an evening with Fazeelat As-Shaykh Muhammad Saeed As-Sagharji , As-Shaykh Abdur Rahman al-Hamaami and Sayyid Muadh An-Nass on Wednesday 27th August in Jamia Masjid Minhaj-ul-Qur’an, Nelson, UK.

Brothers and sisters from the entire region of Pendle, Burnley, Colne and Nelson attended the programme with some guests from Oldham and Manchester. In addition, the programme was broadcast live on Pendle Community Radio – AWAZ 103.1FM (run by Minhaj Welfare Foundation UK), and broadcast globally over the internet.

After recitation of the Holy Quran local nasheed artists
sang praises upon the Holy Prophet (SAW).
The programme commenced with Recitation of the Holy Quran by Khateeb of Jamia Masjid Minhaj-ul-Quran Nelson, Hafiz Qari Muhammad Saeed Hashmi followed by recitation by our esteemed Qari guest As-Shaykh Abdur Rahman al-Hamaami.

Amongst these artists a young brother from Oldham recited an Arabic nasheed, which As-Shaykh Muhammad Saeed As-Sagharji was very impressed with.

Brother Kabir Hussain followed, by reciting the nasheed ‘Halima (RA) Mein Tere Muqaddran Tu Sadqe’, upon the wishes of As-Shaykh Muhammad Saeed As-Sagharji.

The entire audience thoroughly enjoyed the nasheed, especially since As-Shaykh Muhammad Saeed As-Sagharji was reminiscing the experience of having heard the nasheed first during Al-Hidayah 2007 in the company of Huzoor Sayyedi Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri.

Followed by an eloquent introduction in English and Arabic by the stage secretary Hafiz Qari Muhammad Saeed Hashmi, As-Shaykh Abdur Rahman al-Hamaami and Sayyid Muadh An-Nass then took the stage to enchant the audience by performing a medley of Nasheeds in Arabic. The audience joined in joyfully as they had heard some of the nasheeds previously, but for the first time in truly Arabic dialect and with the use of the ‘Duff’ that which  Sayyid Muadh An-Nass was playing.

Tilawaat of the Holy Quran by
Hafiz Qari Muhammad Saeed Hashmi
and As-Shaykh Abdur Rahman al-Hamaami.

The main event of the programme then took place with Fazeelat As-Shaykh Muhammad Saeed As-Sagharji speaking to the audience on the Laws of Ramadan and the objectives of Muslims to reap the rewards of the blessed month.

Shaykh Muhammad Saeed As-Sagharji spoke particularly on the aspect of cleansing and purifying the heart. Eradicating bad intentions, thoughts and deeds from the heart, and filling it with Noor, through good deeds and Zikr of Allah Subhana’Wata’ala.

Shaykh Sagharji gave an example of a dual carriageway, which has all sorts of traffic traveling on it and in both directions. He spoke of the heart being the dual carriageway and the good and bad deeds and thoughts and intentions as the traffic. He told the audience that they should strive to stop any bad traffic traveling on the carriageway so that the carriageway becomes peaceful and full of harmony.

In doing this the negative thoughts would not enter the heart and so bad deeds would not materialise. It would also mean that space in the heart would grow for noor to spread and emanate positive actions and deeds. This would benefit the individual, and the community around him.

Shaykh Muhammad Saeed As-Sagharji narrated ahadith from al-Minhaj-us-Sawi (a Hadith compendium compiled by Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri) during his talk.

Shaykh Sagharji related his message to that of Minhaj-ul-Quran and invited the youth (whom he was very happy to see as a majority of the audience) to join and work with Minhaj-ul-Quran and its Muslim Youth League MYL UK to spread the love of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

Shaykh Muhammad Ramzan Qadri (Principal of Al-Farghana Institute, Manchester) translated the talk in English for the youth at intervals that  Shaykh Muhammad Saeed As-Sagharji had given throughout the talk.

The talk was followed by a Questions & Answers session, which proved to be very useful as the majority of questions were related to fasting during the month of Ramadan. It also proved to be very light hearted, as  Shaykh Muhammad Saeed As-Sagharji gave the audience an insight into his vibrant character through some humour and jokes..

After the talk the Shayoukh met the Sisters briefly to make Dua. Thereafter they had a tour of Jamia Masjid Minhaj-ul-Quran Nelson and a meal and informal session with the Muslim Youth League brothers from Nelson.

Reported by : Moazzam Raza