MWL pays rich tributes to Sayyida Kainat (S.A) on her birth anniversary

MWL pays rich tributes to Sayyida Kainat (S.A) on her birth anniversary

A special intellectual gathering was held under the banner of the Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League to mark the birth anniversary of Sayyida Kainat Fatima al-Zahra’ (salam Allah alayha). A large number of women from different walks of life attended the program.

Addressing the gathering, central General Secretary MWL, Ms. Sidra Karamat, said that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) had immense love for his beloved daughter, Sayyida Kainat (salam Allah alayha). She said that the excellent treatment meted out to her by the Holy Prophet (pbuh) has great instructional value for the parents: instead of considering their daughters as a burden, they should greatly take care of them and make all possible arrangements for their moral training and education.

Ms. Sidra Karamat said that Sayyida Kainat (salam Allah alayha) has been described as the leader of women in paradise. Her exalted and pious life is a beacon of light for women of every age. She said that we need to follow the teachings of Sayyida Kainat (salam Allah alayha) to bring up our children along the Islamic lines, adding that she (S.A.) brought up her sons, Hazrat Imam Hassan (A.S.) and Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S.), and daughter Sayyida Zaynab (salam Allah alayha) in such a manner that they saved whole humanity through their great sacrifices.

MWL General Secretary said that our society needs mothers, daughters, and sisters who follow the path of Sayyida Fatima al-Zahra’ (salam Allah alayha). She (S.A.) was a great daughter and exalted mother and is from the Prophet's Household about whom the Holy Prophet (pbuh) said: O people, I am going to leave two things behind me. If you follow them, you will never go astray. These two things are the Book of Allah and my family."

Ayesha Mubashir, Aneela Ilyas, Umm-e-Habiba, Rafia Urooj, Fatima Saeed, Noreen Alvi, and other women leaders were also present on the occasion.