Denmark: Award ceremony held under MWL and MSL

Dr Ghazala Qadri presided over the Awards and certificate distribution ceremony for Minhaj Women League and Minhaj Sisters teams and herself distributed appreciation certificates and prizes to the working teams.

On this occasion Dr. Ghazala gave important naseeha to the sisters and adviced them to always choose kindness even when it is hard to do. Make a conscious effort to be kind and compassionate towards your elders as well as youngster. She also said that when performing any act or duty, our first and primary aim should always be to please Almighty Allah. Having the intention of doing something for the pleasure of Allah then reduces the expectation that we hold of getting appreciation.

Towards the end she said that attain sohbah of Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri by listening to talks and reading books. Do tazkiya e nafs (purification of the self) in order to draw nearer to Allah. Session ended with a cake cutting activity.