Dr Ghazala Qadri met with student Mutakifa'at of MSM Sisters

dr ghazala qadri meeting with students

Dr Ghazala Qadri had another session and meetup with student Mutakifa'at of MSM Sisters - Official today on the 7th Day of #WomenItikaf2024. In this interactive session, Mutakifa'at asked numerous questions related to the modern day challenges at workplace and maintaining the religious identity.

Dr Ghazala addressed these questions and recommended students to take the ongoing lecture series of Shaykh ul Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri as a source to strengthen Ima'an and take pride in our Deen. These lectures are a key source to address all such challenges issues. The session was facilitated and joined by President MWL Pakistan Dr Farah Naz, Dr Shahida Noumani, Sr Sidra Karamat, Sr Amina Mughal and other senior members.