Labour Day Seminar: Laws exist but there is no implementation: MWL leaders

MWL Message on labour-day

A seminar was organized by the central secretariat of Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League on the occasion of International Labor Day in Lahore. Vice President Sidra Karamat, while expressing her views in the seminar, said that in Islamic country Pakistan, female laborers receive less compensation compared to men. The economic exploitation of home-based workers is beyond description. She said that women working in homes have no protection. Although protective laws exist, they are not implemented. She said that mere determination or demand will not solve the issues. Reforms in the entire governance system based on personality are inevitable.

In her speech on the occasion, Umm-e-Habiba Ismail said that the economic role of 50% of women in the country's population cannot be overlooked. News about fancy and exhibition projects like scooties might be prevalent, but it cannot alleviate the travel difficulties faced by women. She said that with the increase in population, there has been no increase in public transport, and due to travel difficulties, women are facing the worst economic exploitation. The government should pay attention to this, she demanded.

Ayesha Mubashir, while expressing her views, suggested that the feudal class should be bound to ensure the official registration of female workers so that they can avail all rights. Registration and compensation procedures should especially be established for women working in homes.

The seminar was attended by Women League Zone organizers Anila Ilyas, Bee Umme Habiba Ismail, Ayesha Mubashir, Ayesha Shabair, Noreen Alvi, Lubna Mushtaq, Hafiza Sahar Ambreen, and others.