Nafli Itikaf for Women Arranged by Minhaj Women League, Norway

As a tradition from last year, Minhaj Women League Norway is proud to announce that they will arrange Itikaf for women in Ramadan this year too. The nafli Itikaf will be arranged every weekend in Ramadan, starting from Friday night after namaz-e-taraweeh until iftar on Sunday. This nafli Itikaf will contain properly activities and will follow a schedule planned and developed carefully and exactly for Itikaf in Ramadan. Minhaj Women League will arrange the sehri and iftar for the mutaffiqin. The compulsory and nafli prayers will be arranged by MWLn`s nazima-e-dawat Safia Ashfaq assisted by Noushaza Hussein and Uzma Akram with the fully responsibility for the content of it. They will stay at Idara to give information, demonstrate and prepare the mutaffiqin for Itikaf.

Last year we were privileged to have about 25 women and childrens. By the grace of Allah the Almighty they were very pleased to be with us and the Itikaf arrangement made by MWL. Many of them are expected to return this year too.

As a tehriki mission, our target has been to draw more and more women to this opportunity of nafli Itikaf. We have announced about the Itikaf at Friday prayers, at programs in Idara, in posters around the city and by sending invitation on mailing lists of muslim student organisations at colleges and universities.

The invitation also included the meaning and purpose of Itikaf and the differences between Itikaf at home and being in masjid, individually Itikaf versus collective Itikaf etc and the schedule for Itikaf as shown below:

1. Salat ul Tahajjud, sehri 0345-0445
2. Salat ul Fajar, Quran talawat 0445-0600
3. Halqa durood ,zikr, salat ul Ishraq 0600-0700
4. Rest time 0700-1000
5. Salat ul Chaasht, salat ul Tasbeeh 1030-1130
6. Dars 1130-1330
7. Salat ul Zuhr 1330-1400
8. Rest 1400-1530
9. Mehfil-e-Naat 1530-1630
10. Halqa-e-Durood 1630-1730
11. Salat ul Asar 1730-1800
12. Fiqh 1800-1900
13. Halqa zikr, dars om zikr og nafs 1900-2000
14. Iftar, salat ul maghrib,salat ul Awabeen 2000-2100
15. Salat ul Isha, salat ul Taraweeh 2130-2230
16. Bedtime 2300-0345

”Undoubtedly, a person’s success in freeing himself from excessive socializing, talking and sleeping, will help him to make his heart turn towards Allah, and will protect him from the opposite.”

As we all know men are generally more present at prayers in masjid and also Itikaf in the last ishra of Ramadan. Our goal has been to offer those women who have desire and wish, to do nafli Itikaf at masjid. Women as mother of the young generation today and future generation are a target which we want to reach and include in our mission. “Give me good mothers and I will give you a good generation” by Quaid-e Azim Mohammed Ali Jinnah demonstrate our thoughts and our mission.

As we all are aware of there is no other Women league beside Minhaj Women League Lahore and Norway is arranging this kind of nafli Itikaf especially for women. And for that we are extremely proud.

May Allah zilleshan except our humble work and give us strength and opportunity to do more and better. Amin sum amin.

Report by:

Ayesha Iqbal Khan
Media and Information
Minhaj Women League Norway