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Istiqbal-e-Milad Conference

Istiqbal-e-Milad Conference

As the month of Safar draws to an end, the hearts of certain people, whether they are practicing or not, good or bad, feel a certain warmth that increases as each minute ticks by. Their eyes begin... Read More

Birthday Celebration of Beloved Quaid (Glasgow)

MQI Glasgow held a remarkable and outstanding celebration event in honor and celebration of our Beloved Qaid Sayedi Shaykh ul Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri. The event was graced by the presence of... Read More

Shaykh-ul-Islam's Birthday

Shaykh-ul-Islam's Birthday

Today, 21th February 2007, is a blessed day: today is the second day of week long ceremonies in connection with 56th birthday of Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. The event took place in... Read More

56th birthday of Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri

The fifty sixth birthday celebration function was held on the evening of 19th February 2007 at central Secretariat of Minhaj-ul-Quran International. Dr. Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi Secretary General of MQI... Read More

Upgrading Minhaj University

Upgrading Minhaj University

It is sheer blessing of Allah Most High that by His Grace, by the holiness and sanctity of the hallowed sole dust of His beloved. Minhaj University was awarded charter by the Govt. of Punjab in... Read More

Peace Award 2006 Awarded to Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri

Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri has been awarded "Peace Award 2006". National Council for Inter Religious Dialogue and Ecumenism (NCIDE) arranged a Great Conference for this purpose on 13 th December... Read More

Dr. Abdu Razzaq Blackhirst delivered a lecture at the Minhaj University Lahore

Dr Abdu` Razzaq Blackhirst delivered a lecture at The Minhaj University Lahore. His topic was "Relevance of Muslim Mysticism in Modern Times." Dr Abdu` Razzaq Blackhirst covered all the aspects of... Read More

Sahibzada Hussain Mohy-ud-Din Qadri arrived in Pakistan

Sahibzada Hussain Mohy-ud-Din Qadri, the representative of youth in the Supreme Council of Minhaj-ul-Quran International, arrived in Pakistan on Nov 24, 2006. He was accompanied by Minhaj-ul-Quran... Read More

Ptv Prime

Ptv Prime

The elder son of Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri and president supreme council of MQI, Hassan Mohai Uddin Qadri will be delivering lecture on PTV Prime every day in which selected Ayat... Read More

The Minhaj University Bill Passed

The Minhaj University is serving the nation for the last two decades and has earned an excellent name in quality education in the private sector educational institutions in Pakistan, under the... Read More

Special Lecture of Shaykh ul Islam regarding Shab-e-Barat

It`s a great pleasure for us to let our all Muslim brothers and sisters that a special lecture of Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri regarding Shab-e-Barat will be aired on 18th of September... Read More

Jurisprudential Position of Transplantation of Human Organs

Dr Tahir Hameed Tanoli, Director, Farid-e-Millat Research Institute (FMRi) talks on "Jurisprudential Position of Transplantation of Human Organs" in Geo TV`s program "Alf" الف. Watch this... Read More

Shaykh ul Islam Dr Tahir ul Qadri arrives in Pakistan

Shaykh ul Islam Dr Tahir ul Qadri was warmly received by hundreds of followers today at Lahore International Airport .Hassan Muhaiudin along with the top line leadership of Minhaj ul Quran... Read More