The Great Annual Itikaf-2011 by Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League

With the Grace of Allah Almighty and the Wasilla of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the great Itikaf 2011 began on the evening of 20th Ramadan ul Mubarak, 19th August at the Minhaj-ul-Quran headquarters, Lahore. The purpose of organizing the Itikaaf city is to enable participants to seek Allah’s pleasure and remain in the state of peace and silence even in the presence of thousands of the people.

The Itikaf is the annual ten days seclusion which takes place in the last ten days of the Holy Month of Ramadan. The collective Itikaf is the Sunni of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and holds higher award and benefit.

Alhamdulillah this is the biggest Itikaf gathering after the most famous venues Makkah and Madina. Thousands of men and women come far from their homes only for the sake of Allah and his Beloved Prophet (PBUH) under the spiritual leadership of Sheikh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri.

The Itikaf City’ for sisters was organized in Township, Lahore. Three buildings of Minhaj Girls Model School, Girls hostel and Minhaj Girls College were utilized for accommodation of Muatakifaat. Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League Sisters from all over Pakistan have been working tirelessly throughout the year to motivate to attend, holding campaigns, programs. The result of their endeavors has been shown with thousands of women coming to the Itikaf City. On the other hand the Central team under the Head of Sumaira Rafaqat worked hard to ensure the proper arrangements of this Itikaf. Masha Allah by the Grace of Allah (SWT) all the planning and programs were successfully completed in ten days.

Schedule of Women Itikaf 2011

Waking, Tahajjud and Sahari 02:30-4:00
Fajr Prayer (In Pindal)  04:00-4:30
Lecture of Huzoor Sheikh ul Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri 04:30-7:00
Ishraaq Prayer 07:00-07:30
Rest 07:30-12:00
Halaqat e Irfan ul Quran And Fiqh problems 12:30-01:30
Zuhr Prayer 01:30-02:00
Break (Individual Wasabi) 02:00-04:00
Organizational lectures and Salat us tabbeh 04:00-05:00
Asr Prayer 05:00-05:30
Mehfil e Naat o Zikr 05:30-06:20
Maghrib, Aftaar 06:20-08:00
Isha Prayer, Taraveeh 08:15-09:45
Mehfil 09:45-10:00
Lecture of Huzoor Sheikh ul Islam 10:00-11:00
Rest 11:00-02:30

Many women descended upon the Itikaf Camp in the early hours of the morning on the 19th August. The first part of the day was spent on registration and allotment. After the settlement of Muatakifaat, they performed the Prayer of Itikaf along with the Du’a and Intention for the Itikaf. All the conditions which were required for Itikaf were being announced.

At Maghrib, all the Muatafikaat received their meals at their places in a very organized way by the sisters incharge of administration. After having their meals and Maghrib Prayer, all muatafikaat were called in the main tent (Pindaal) for welcome and further guidance.

The central team of Minhaj ul Quran Women League welcomed all the Muatafikaat in this I’tikaf City and guides them how can they spend their ten days according to the given schedule. The lecture was given by the Central Director Sumaira Rafaqat (Advo).

She discussed the schedule and briefly explained all the terms and conditions. After this lecture and discussion, all muatafikaat offered Isha and Taraveeh prayer. A very beautiful Mehfil e Naat and Zikr was conducted by Minhaj Sisters. It was a beautiful scene where thousands of women pray collectively and then pay their salutation on the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

At 10 o clock, Huzoor Sheikh ul Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri delivered his first lecture and briefing in the form of welcome note and many prayers for mautafikeen and muatafikaat.

He advised all the participants to spend this ten days’ time according to the Sunnah of Prophet Muahmmad (PBUH). He also gave wazaif of Nisbat-e-Touheed and Nisbat-e-Rasool (SAW).

He pointed out the following requirements:

  •  Less to eat
  •  Less to sleep
  •  Less to talk
  •  Recite Holy Quran
  •  Attend Halaqa Jaat
  •  Pay Salutations on Prophet (PBUH)
  •  Avoid bad habits and talks
  •  Special reading of Wazaif more and more

Lectures of Huzoor Sheikh ul Islam

Every day of sister’s Itikaf was successfully started with the given schedule of Tahajjud parayer at 2:30am. Thousands of Muatafikaat woke on time, had Sahari and Fajr prayer on time and came in the main tent for the of Huzoor Sheikh ul Islam. Sheikh ul Islam delivered his lectures on a very special topic “Tassuwuf” including sub topics:

  • Who is Mureed?
  • How to become a Mureed?
  •  Salook e Tassawuf
  •  Companionship
  •  Knowledge, the first step to Tassawuf
  •  Akhlaak e Hasana
  •  Adub, the other step to Tassawuf, etc

Halaqa e Irfan ul Quran

At 12:30 every day all muatakifaat attended their training Halaqas to their specific place nearby their living area. Mualimaat (the teachers) taught them all the basic principles Islam on Neatness and cleanliness. The Mualimaats told the correct way of Wudu (ablution), manners of tidiness and the way of Ghusl. The teachers taught them the problems of Fasting, its obligations and limitations. Mualimaat also taught them the last ten Surahs of Holy Qura’an with transalation and explanation.

Muatafikaat and the students of Minhaj Girls College. The students were asked about their introduction and their fields. All these students were very excited for their separate Halaqa. They used to discuss their problems and the solutions were suggested by Director MSM. A lecture was given by Central Director Sumaira Rafaqat to all the students for their role in society and how can they bring about the change in the society.

Mefil e Naat o Zikr and Salat us Tasbeeh

Everyday Mehfil e Naat o Zikr was organized by the Minhaj Naat Councils from different cities e.g Lahore, Gujrawala, Jehlum, Faisalabad.

Organizational Meeting

The Central Women League sisters, Sumaira Rafaqat, Sajida Sadiq, Sidra Kramat, Noshaba Zia met sisters belonging to different cities of Pakistan for their further working for the sake of Islam under the guidance of Huzoor Sheikh ul Islam. The problems in their areas were discussed and the solutions were given to them.

A combined schedule of training Halaqa Jaat, Mehfil e Naat, collective Prayer and much more things make this Itikaf more effective and successful. But the most effective thing in this annual Spiritual Itikaf was the company of HUZOOR SHIEKH UL ISLAM Dr. MUHAMMAD TAHIR UL QADRI twice in a day. There is no doubt that his spiritual company, through his lectures and advices; one has a better chance of attaining the spiritual connection with Allah Almighty and His beloved Prophet (PBUH).

Meeting with Women League Sisters (Tanzimaat)

Miss Sajida Sadiq (Central Director Tanzimaat) met sisters on alternative days from different cities. They discussed their organizational problems come across their way of working. Miss Sajida Sadiq guided them and gave them the solution to overcome these matters.

Shab bedaari in the city of Itikaf

Shab bedaari was organized on all the odd nights. Salat e Taraveeh was also offered collectively. Every time a beautiful Mefil e Naat o Zikr was organized on the brother’s side of Itikaf, which was broadcasted to the sister’s Itikaf camp. Huzoor Shiekh ul Islam also delivered very inspiring lectures on Sufism and the history of saints in Islam. He explained many things from ‘Kashf ul Ma’ajoob’.

A huge gathering was seen on the night of 27th Ramazan ul Mubarak. Thousands of women around Lahore and different areas from Pakistan attended this sprirtual event. A lecture of Huzoor Sheikh ul Islam inspired them a lot and a collective prayer was worth for them.

Aftaar with the heads of Committes, Halls and the heads of Tanzimaat at Mustafvi Hall

The Central team of Women League had arranged an Iftaar with the heads of committees and halls and also the heads of tanzimaat to appriciate all of the sisters working and for their efforts. All these sisters worked very sincerely and efficiently for the smooth and successful controlling of all matters in the presence of thousands of women.

Sheikh ul Islam met Women League and Tanzimaats from all over Pakistan

Huzoor sheikh ul Islam promised to give separate time to all Muatafikaat and especially to the Women League and all of its Tanzimaat. This promised fulfilled at 28th Ramazan ul Mubarak. So our great Quaid met us around 9 o’ clock at night and appreciated all the efforts by Women League and motivated them for further implementations. Special arrangements had been made since evening to welcome our great Quaid. The program began after the arrival of Huzoor Shiekh ul Islam. A warm welcome was given by all muatafikat in the form of blessings and Nasheeds. A beautiful Nasheed was read by Mrs Shumaila Abbas. He gave a special talk for all the sisters and appreciated them for the better arrangements of all guests. He then said that all the sisters should try to attain and to adopt the true values of Islam. He emphasized that we should practice our lives according to the Sunnah of Sayyada Fatima (RA). He specially focused on students that they are the builders of the nation who can serve for their society. By using new technology they can be familiar with the current situation of the global world. They should be aware of the problems to find the better solution in future.

The Itikaf ended with the collective Dua’a of all Muatafikeen and Muatafikaat in the presence of Huzoor Sheikh ul Islam. He advised them to be loyal and sincere with their relation with Allah (SWT) and his beloved Prophet (PBUH). He advised to follow the teachings of Islam and to be regular and punctual in Iba’adah. He also said to read Quran and understand it in order to stay a successful life.

Medication and stalls

For a better and a healthy environment, the medical staff plays an important role. For this purpose, a dispensary was organized with all necessary equipments nearby Muatafikaat. All the doctors (male and female) work very enthusiastically for day and night voluntarily in ten days Itikaf.