France: MWL launches Educational Classes

In order to impart Islamic message of peace, integration and unity based on religious values of peace, moderation and tolerance, Minhaj Women League has introduced fortnightly classes for children aged between 6 to16 years. These classes will be imparted education on various aspects of Islam.

It was during the month of Moharram that the first session of these classes was held. The MWL team was responsible for preparing an oral presentation as well as a documentary introducing a family tree of the Prophet’s Household (Ahl ul Bait). The aim of this educational session was to help children know and recognize Ahl ul Bait, as well as acquire ability to communicate with their relatives about the role of the family of the Prophet (peace be upon him) during the tragedy of Karbala. About forty children participated in this first session.

Children showed great passionate and enthusiasm while attending these classes. A documentary containing the biographies of the members of Ahl ul Bait and details of tragedy of Karbala was shown to the participants. Alhamdulillah parents were satisfied and they asked for new educational sessions on similar lines.

Reported By: Sabba Kashif & Uzma Sahil