UK: Spiritual gathering organized by MWL Burnley

This Halqa-e-Iman & Halqa Gosha-e-Durood takes place on weekly basis on Thursday afternoons alternating between all the sisters ‘from the Burnley Tanzeem. The programme started from February 6 onwards. Mrs. Noshaza Batool organized the inaugural ceremony at the house her house. A number of women the Burnley Tanzeem attended the spiritual gathering.

On average 12 to 16 local sisters attend regularly peace and blessings be upon him. All Sisters recite Durood Sharif, at the beginning of the program followed by Tilawat and translation. Followed by a Hadith and it’s tafseer from the book- Al-Minhaj al-Sawi min al-Hadith al-Nabawi. 10 minutes of Sheikh-u-Islam’s lecture CD is played. Naats are recited for the Holy Prophet (Peace and Blessings upon him). A five minute talk is given on the Dawah project. Salaam and salutations are sent upon the Holy Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him). Dua is made which concludes the program. Positive feedback has been received from all sisters attending and new sisters have also shown interest.

Report by: MWL Burnley