PAT terms current electoral system biggest enemy of labourers

The current electoral system is the biggest enemy of the rights of the labourers and workers. This system of elections is responsible for inducting landlords, industrialists and big business into the Parliament. These are the very people who exploit the workers. People were forced to work against their will before the advent of Islam, which was known as slavery. The Holy Prophet (SAW) got the slaves freed from the bondage. He (SAW) said: A labourer is friend of Allah Almighty. Hazrat Umar Farooq (RA) said that the salary of the labourer should be equal to that of the head of the state.

These views were expressed by Khurram Nawaz Gandapur, Secretary General of Pakistan Awami Tehreek while addressing ‘Workers Conference’ held under the banner of PAT in connection with raising awareness about labour rights and its protection.

PAT Secretary General said that all activities of Pakistan Awami Tehreek were for the welfare and protection of the rights of the workers and the poor. He said that unless the material conditions in which the labourers were living changed, Pakistan’s conditions would not change either. He stated that the struggle to get underway on May 11 was the movement for the restoration of the rights of the labourers and workers. He said that the country was facing multiple crises, adding that the power should be transferred to the lawyers and labourers to steer the country out of crises.

Khurram Nawaz Gandapur said that the Parliament could become stronger only if it talked about the issues of the poor and labourers and took steps to resolve them. He said that a savoiour would always launch his revolutionary journey when the masses would stand by him and support him through his struggle. He said that if the nation did not extend support and play its due role when the revolutionary leader was around to lead the struggle, such a nation became deserving of torment and plethora of crises. He said that the labour class was the real representative class of the nations.

PAT Secretary General further stated that Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri always talked of the rights of the poor and labourers, adding that it was Dr Qadri only who could bring the nation out of crises we had been confronted with.

PAT central President Sheikh Zahid Fayyaz said in his speech that PAT was busy in the fight for restoration of the rights of the workers and labourers. He said that the labour class would have to be rid of the occupation of the industrialists, landlords, and looters. He demanded that cheap residences should be provided to labourers on ownership basis and they be made shareholders in the overall shares of the factories and mills so that those working hard day in and day out for the progress of the country should also reap benefits.

PAT President said that the labourers did not have anyone to turn to. Their condition was deteriorating and poverty was on the surge. He said that the poor could not afford the basic necessities of life for their near and dear ones so much so their children were going without education due to lack of resources. He said that minimum wage for the labourer should be increased to enable them to make their both ends meet.

Basharat Aziz Jaspal, President of PAT Punjab, Fayyaz Warraich, Chaudhry Afzaal Gujjar, Chaudhry Zulfiqar Advocate and Ghulam Farid also addressed the Workers Conference.