PAT Women Wing celebrates its 27 foundation day

The 27th foundation day of PAT Women Wing was celebrated with traditional zeal and zest in the central secretariat on Monday. The ceremony was attended by party workers in large number. Gulshan Irshad, Kalsoom Tufail, Huma Waheed, and other PAT leaders were also attended the ceremony. The foundation day ceremonies were held at 300 places in the country which were attended by women belonging to all walks of life. A special cake was cut to mark the 27th foundation day on the occasion and special Dua was offered for martyrs of Peshawar and Model Town tragedies. The venue reverberated with Tehreeki songs during the proceedings of the ceremony in Lahore, which added to festivity of the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, the President of Women Wing Ms. Razia Naveed said that the women should know that the current system is killer of their dreams, fundamental rights and aspirations. She said that the women are bearing the brunt of the government’s incompetence because responsibility to manage family affairs lies on their shoulders. She said that the country is confronted with poverty, inequality, and darkness despite being blessed with enormous natural resources and talented human resource. She said that Tharparker represents the depth of hunger and poverty people face across the country. She asked the women to forge unity in their ranks in these circumstances.

Ms. Razia Naveed said that the challenges we face today are the consequence of flawed policies of successive governments for last 67 years. She said that it is unfortunate that the powerful ruling elite has been enjoying perks and privileges that are associated with retention of power and has turned a blind eye to the grave issues faced by the masses. She said that terrorism, price hike, load-shedding and economic decline have made people mental patient. She said that Pakistan is one of the countries that provide unfavourable environment to women with few opportunities for socio-economic growth. She said that the largest number of incidents involving exploitation of women and violation of their rights took place during the incumbency of the present government with Punjab Province topping the list in this regard.

The PAT Women Wing President said that the movement that started from Lahore 27 years ago has become the largest and most effective movement championing women rights in the country. She said that Women Wing has consistently waged a struggle for peaceful change in the country. She said that the kind of circumstances the country is caught up in, it is responsibility of all women to rise to the occasion and play their role at individual and collective levels to save the country. She said that the oppressive ruling elite did not give people anything except hunger, suicides, unemployment, and load-shedding etc., adding that the nations that do not make conscious efforts for political stability cannot play leading role in the comity of nations.

Ms. Razia Naveed said that PAT Women Wing will continue its struggle for a peaceful change and empowerment of the masses under the leadership of Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. The participants in the ceremony condemned Peshawar tragedy, Model Town incident, Kot Radha Kishan tragedy and other incidents of terrorism. Tributes were offered to martyrs of Peshawar and Model Town tragedies particularly the women. Special Dua was also made for early recovery and long life of PAT chief Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri.