Education of girls necessary for bright future of nation: Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

Addressing the thousands of women residents of Itikaf City, Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri has said that women’s passion, commitment, confidence and love with religion is an announcement of their intent that they reject extremism, terrorism, orthodox thinking and ‘Takfeeri’ tendencies. He said that no terrorist, extremist and anti-Pakistan power can stop these women from the performance of their national and religious duty. He congratulated the President of Women League and her whole team on making excellent arrangements for female residents of Itikaf City.

Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri said that the objective of MQI is to promote Islamic teachings of peace, harmony and love and make the men and women aware of their responsibilities in this regard and make them productive citizens. He said that MQI is a great intellectual, spiritual and religious movement of the world. He said that the Pakistani women have established their mark in every walk of life. He said that excellent results were achieved in areas where women were the administrators. He said that it is for this reason that Pakistan’s brave and talented women are stopped from playing their role. He said that some people sitting in government and bureaucracy do not want that the women should be able to play their active role in society. He said that policies of women development are made but not implemented. He said that though women have been given parliamentary and constitutional role but they have not been given resources and powers to effect change. He said that it is for this reason that requisite results have not been produced which the women are capable of.

The PAT Chairman said that the so-called policy makers should know that unless women are given equal opportunities, the dream of progress and prosperity cannot be fulfilled. He said that budget should be spent on education of girls instead of big ticket fancy projects. Money should be spent on welfare of vulnerable women folks, new educational institutions should be set up; discriminatory attitudes should be eliminated with regard to women; women should be protected and all forms of exploitation against women should be ended. He said this is what the teachings of Islam ordain.

Dr Qadri said that MQI is acting upon the mission of educating the girls within its resources and on the basis of self-help. He said that special attention is paid to education of girls and women in the hundreds of educational institutions inside Pakistan and Islamic centres outside the country. He said that in an age of extremism and orthodoxy, the institutions of MQI are busy in imparting real teachings of Islam aimed at protecting the youth from falling prey to extremist forces. He said that women rights and women empowerment is the special subjects that are taught at the MQI institutions. He said that it is for this reason that these educational institutions are the first choice for the parents when it comes to sending their daughters for education. He said that attendance of Itikaf by thousands of women is reflection of the same trust. He said that girls and women are future of Pakistan and we cannot remain aloof from our future. He said that Islam emphasizes teaching of girls. He congratulated the female residents of Itikaf City.

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