Minhaj-ul-Qur'an Women League, Headquarters, Lahore Pakistan present: Sisters I'tikaf 2008

By the grace of Allah Almighty and the Waseela of Holy Prophet PBUH, the annual spiritual gathering - I’tikaaf during the holy month of Ramadan is about to begin.  I’tikaaf is a symbol of the collective efforts for the training of Muslims, at the center of Minhaj ul Qur’an International, under the patronage of his eminence Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. Thousands of brothers and sisters and come here only for the will of Allah Almighty and his beloved Rasool PBUH to learn the real spiritual essence and thought of Islam. Since I’tikaaf 2008 is approaching MQ Women League is making tremendous efforts to make this great event successful. Several sessions have been called up to discuss various affairs of I’tikaaf. Initially the session of the Majlis-e-Amla was been called to nominate or select the heads of different committees. Then duties were assigned to the heads. As thousands of attendants come in the city of I’tikaaf they are facilitated, administered and served by a very large panel of managers consisting of an enormous operation in terms of teams to make this great, spiritual event successful. These are some of the teams decided by Majils-e-Mala this year.

Central Committee

Head: Sheikh Zahid Fayyaz (Head I’tikaaf 2008)
Coordination Committee: Dr. Tanveer Azam Sindhu, Mr. Sajid Hameed and Mr. Hafiz Ghulam Fareed
Head Women I’tikaaf: Mrs.Fatima Mash’hadi
Vice Head: Miss Sumaira Rafaqat
Secretary:  Miss Razia Shaheen
Deputy Secretary: Shazia Shaheen
Members:  Mrs. Rafia Ali, Mrs. Shamim Khan Mrs.Tayyaba Tahira, Mrs. Fareeda Sajad and Head of all committees


  1. Zainab Hall (Boys Hostel Building)
  2. Rabia Hall (Minhaj University Building)
  3. Khadijah Hall (Girls Hostel Building)
  4. Fatima Hall (Girls College Building)
  5. Ayesha Hall (Model School Building)
  6. Tents (roof of that building on which tenting is made)

Other than all these areas of accommodation, Sisters I’tikaaf Camp has many washrooms; wudu areas with a very vast area allocated for the collective place for the purposes of prayers, lectures and Mahafil, as well as three canteens, a central control room, control rooms for each Hall, other administration places, a sales center and ‘Hijaab House.

Zainab Hall.

Designation: Ground floor: 1st floor: 2nd floor Mosque
Head: Miss Tahira Firdous Miss Zareen Latif Miss Ayesha Irshad Miss Nasseem Gulzar

Rabia Hall

Designation: Ground floor: 1st floor:
Head: Miss Ghulam Ayesha Miss Musarat Basheer

Khadijah Hall.

Designation: Ground floor: 1st floor: 2nd floor
Head: Mrs. Uzma Tamoor Mrs. Fareeda Sajjad Miss Shabana Yaar Muhammad

Fatima Hall

Designation: Ground floor: Roof:
Head: Mrs. Asifa Safdar Mrs. Asifa Safar

Ayesha Hall

Designation: Ground floor: Roof:
Head: Miss Shazia Butt Miss. Shazia Butt

Committee for organizational and Training Matters

Head :   Mrs. Fatima Mash’hadi

Vice Head:  Miss. Sumaira Rafaqat

Halaqajaat committee

Head:   Miss Fareeha Khan

Vice Head: Miss Sadaf Iqbal

Mehfil e Naat-o-Zikr Committee

Head:    MissIfat Waheed 

Vice Head:   Miss Shazia Shaheen

Reception Committee

Head:   Miss Razia Shaheen

Vice Head:  Miss Saima Fiaz

Allotment Committee

Head:   Miss Fareeha Khan

Vice Head:   Mrs. Shamim Khan

Record Maintaining Committee

Head:   Miss Kishwar Shaheen

Vice Head:  Miss Ayesha Irshad

Medical Aid Committee

Head:     Mrs. Fazal Jaan

Vice Head:   Miss Rabia Ashraf

Sale center Committee

Head:    Miss Sadaf Iqbal

Vice Head:  Mrs. Maqsooda Anjum

Media Committee

Head:    Miss Sajida Sadiq

Vice Head:   Mrs. Nureed Fatimat

VIP Committee

Head:   Mrs. Fareeda Sajjad

Vice Head :  Mrs. Rafia Ali Qadri

Vice Head :   Mrs.Tayyaba Tahira

Security & Discipline Committee

Head:    Mrs. Nureed Fatima

Vice Head:  Mrs. Zahra Noori

Sound system Committee

Head:    Miss Saima Fiaz

Vice Head :  Miss Sidra Karamat

Rabta-o-Mulakat Committee

Head:    Miss Shazia Ghulam Qadir

Mess Committee

Head:    Miss Asma Manzoor

Vice Head :   Miss Abida Naseem

Vice Head:  Miss Aneela Illyas

Zakat Committee

Head:   Dr. Noshaba Hameed

Prepration of Itikaaf Committee

Head:    Miss Shazia Shaheen

Vice Head:  Miss Shamim Khan

Vice Head:  Miss Tayyaba Tahira

There are also many more other teams working in  I’tikaaf 2008 such as  cooks, sweepers, food distribution teams, drivers, ambulances, canteen members and hundreds of other sisters all  trying there level best in making I’tikaaf 2008 a  smooth and successful operation Insh’Allah

Halaq jaat

Alhamdulillah many qualified teachers from all over Pakistan have been selected. They will offer their special services to teach the attendants of I’tikaaf. A special and specific syllabus has been formed by Minhaj-ul-Qur’an Women League for I’tikaaf according to its requirements. The syllabus has been posted to sisters in the field all over Pakistan, to get them prepared fully for their lectures. This syllabus contained selected verses from Sura’h Yaseen and its interpretation, Hadiths from Minhaj-us-Sawwi along with the interpretation and many other booklets have been formed regarding matters of prayer, fasting and daily matters.

Teachers of Halaqa jaat

Teachers from all over Pakistan are as below:

  1. Miss Iffat Waheed
  2. Miss Sadaf Iqbal
  3. Miss Rabia Ashraf
  4. Miss Kousar Rasheed
  5. Mrs. Anila Illyas
  6. Mrs. Rafia Ali
  7. Miss Tahira Firdous
  8. Mrs. Ayesha Shabeer
  9. Miss Ayesha Irshad
  10. Mrs. Asia Saif
  11. Mrs. Irshad Iqbal
  12. Miss Rabia Aziz
  13. Miss Asma Ashiq
  14. Mrs. Nureed Fatima
  15. Mrs. Uzma Taimoor
  16. Miss Sidra Karamat Ali
  17. Miss Nasra Mahmood
  18. Miss Abida Azeem
  19. Miss Ayesha Mustafa
  20. Mrs. Um-e-Kalsoom
  21. Miss Um-e-Kalsoom
  22. Miss Ateya Batool
  23. Miss Maimoona Sadiq
  24. Miss Khadeja Fatima
  25. Miss Rabia Zafar
  26. Miss Shumaila Anjum
  27. Miss Humaira Faiz
  28. Miss Qamar-un-Nisa Khaki
  29. Mrs. Noshaba Zia
  30. Miss Aqsa Tariq
  31. Miss Abida Mukhtar
  32. Miss Iram Mushtaq
  33. Miss Sayyeda Nazia Mazhar
  34. Miss Sayyeda Shazia Mazhar
  35. Miss Robina Shaheen
  36. Miss Naila Aslam
  37. Miss Sumera Razzaq
  38. Miss Atteya Haider
  39. Mrs. Nasreen
  40. Miss Sumera Malik
  41. Miss Gulshan Irshad
  42. Miss Sidra Riasat
  43. Miss Kishwar Sultana
  44. Miss Saima Izzat Baig
  45. Mrs. Shamshad Qadri
  46. Miss. Shakeela Shehzadi
  47. Miss Safoora Bibi
  48. Miss Rafia Urooj Malik
  49. Miss Fouzia Arif
  50. Miss Pakeeza Khanam
  51. Miss Tahmeena Qayoom
  52. Miss Aqsa Qadri  

Collective lectures.

Five collective lectures will be given Insha’Allah to all attendant women on miscellaneous topics including Briefing about I’tikaaf. The main purpose is to have the same effect and results from all the attendants.

Collective prayers

Taraveeh Prayer and Tasbeeh Prayer will be offered collectively in I’tikaaf. Taraveeh prayer will be leaded by Imams from Minhaj Tehfiz ul Qur’an Institute.Tasbeeh prayer will be leaded by an HAFIZA from Girls College. Insha’Allah.

May Allah Almighty bless us all by His will and the will of His beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) & accept all these efforts and give all sisters steadfastness for this great Mission<