EAGERS Itikaf 2018: Day 3

The second day of EAGERS Itikaf was comparatively calmer as kids started feeling more at home and started to enjoy the environment. They were more aware of their schedule and were eager to arrive for classes.

This year, we as Eagers, have decided to set a main focus, namely ‘Namaz’ and work towards it, exerting maximum effort and giving our all, so that the achievement is tangible and the outcome can be seen. This is why we have dedicated a specific portion of the Aqaid Class to following our elaborate Namaz Plan.

To give a kick-start to this plan, today’s focus in the Aqaid-o-Fiqh class was on a main pillar of Islam, Namaz. After revising the last class, kids were informed of the basics of Namaz and the importance of acts of worship was emphasized.

This was followed by the moral values class where honesty and truth were discussed in a playful environment. However the significance of the matter was not belittled.

A review session of the lecture given by Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri, which the children had attended the day before, was conducted which had active participation from kids. The notes they had maintained in their diaries were shared with other kids so that the message could be better understood by all.

The first Naat class was conducted followed by a Mahfil-e-Zikr-o-Naat after Asr Namaz. All participated enthusiastically and the essence of ‘Itikaf’ atmosphere could be experienced. Iftar was a lively episode as the excitement of the day that had passed and those to come was overwhelming.

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