Women's role crucial to progress & prosperity of the country: Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

No target of development and prosperity can be achieved without the inclusion of women in the mainstream. Any effort to sideline women, who constitute more than half of the country's population, is bound to fail as their role is integral to national development.

These views were expressed by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri in a talk to MWL leaders through video link. He said the women empowerment is that they are imparted the best of education, given a share in inheritance and the rights enshrined in the Constitution are respected. He said those who impart education and training to the women follow the path of the Holy Prophet (SAW), whereas those who commit oppression on them and usurp their rights are followers of Abu Jahal. He congratulated MWL on successfully running a comprehensive program of education and training for women and highlighting their rights.

Meanwhile, Women Summit 2020 will be held at National Press Club Islamabad under the banner of MWL. A rally will be taken to highlight the imperative of protecting the rights of women at the conclusion of the event. A joint communique is also likely to be issued. Women belonging to different religious and political parties have been invited to the Summit.

MWL President Farah Naz, Ayesha Mubasher, Nusrat Amin, Razia Naveed, and Umme Habiba Ismail stated in a statement that it is the responsibility of the government to get the Code of Conduct implemented that the Lahore High Court issued in respect of Aurat March. They said hullaballoo in the name of women's rights would not be tolerated. They said a handful of unknown women are bent on targeting our values and traditions in women's rights. They said those who love Pakistan and Islam does not need to be informed of what their rights are. They further stated that hundreds of women will take part in the peaceful walk in Islamabad.