Sewing Course for Women and Girls Arranged By Minhaj Women League Norway

As the 3 previous years, Minhaj Women League Norway once again arranged a sewing course for women and young girls. Starting on Sunday 22.june, 5 hours a day once a week, 5 week. The course had a low price, mainly to cover the instructors pay, the rest was covered by MWL.

The opening ceremony was held Sunday 22.june at Idara Minhaj-ul-Quran. After talawat, Sobhan Noor recited a naat. All participants were wished welcome and the information about the course was given. The course started the same day and the teachers Shenaz Butt and Shenaz Noor went straight to work with their students.

The enthusiasm was high among the students.

The first day was more theoretical. Students learned about different measures and how to take the size of a person.

Everything was written on board so students could write it down.

That was to avoid confusions and to guard that students next time meet without remembering anything from the course. 

About 35 women and girls participated and were very pleased.

Some of them also brought their children with them. The atmosphere were cosy and women enjoyed being in company with only women.

MWL was present with some volunteers and served fresh fruit and tee in break.

The arrangement was accomplished with great success and MWL is fully prepared to the same next year as well, Insha’Allah.  

Report in English by:

Ayesha Iqbal Khan
Media and Information
Minhaj Women League Norway